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Off-site Storage

Running out of space in your office? Are your files in multiple locations in your office? Is it difficult to find files?

You need Off-site Storage!

Off-site Storage should provide easy and convenient access and retrieval of your documents and records if you choose the right Off-Site Storage Company. Time Document Storage is the right company because our computerized bar-code inventory control system offers the most advanced technology in the industry for fast locating and delivery of your business documents.

Most firms and organizations lack sufficient storage space in their offices to store all of the business records they are required and need to maintain. For this reason it is essential for most companies and organizations to store their documents with an off-site storage company.

Business Documents stored outside of your own premises continue to be the legal responsibility of your firm and choosing the right Off-Site Storage Company must be made to ensure the preservation and accessibility of your documents.

A written agreement that outlines all services and their costs prior to choosing an Off-site Storage Company will help you to select a company that will meet all of your firm's individual needs. Time Document Storage will prepare a comprehensive proposal that will itemize all of the services and costs needed by your firm.

An Off-site Storage Company needs to do more than just store boxes Off-site. Your Off-site Storage Company must assist you with the development and implementation of a Records Management Program. A good Records Management Program will help you to understand the life cycle of every document. A good Records Management Program will include a Record Retention Schedule that will identify when files can be destroyed.

Off-site Storage also helps to lessen the effects of a devastating event in your office. If you store all of your business files in your offices the ability of your firm to recover from a devastating event is dramatically reduced. By storing files with an Off-site Storage Company you add an additional layer of protection against a devastating event.

Please contact Time Document Storage today and let us show you how easy and effective Off-site Storage can be for your firm.

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